The Functional Training Academy

- For The Athlete in You.


Welcome to the Functional Training Academy Team Program. You are about to be introduced to a revolutionary and innovative program for fitness training. This program will push the limits of the Youth in a progressive method with focus on the foundational movements.  This program is designed to increase speed, agility, mobility, explosiveness and overall personal confidence. We train together to create team/group culture. This enables the youth to develop their skills in a healthy and motivational environment...The FTA.

This is The Functional Training Academy - "For The Athlete in You."


This program will become the cornerstone to your athletes’ success in speed, agility, mobility, strength and overall fitness. You will understand why, as we take them through our state of the art equipment, innovative education and 4-Station Training Method while creating Team/group culture.

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The FTA Program transforms the body through a concept called Tensegrity. The FTA Athletic Development Program is applicable to different individual fitness levels from Professional athletes to beginners and equally effective for different age groups from kids through to seniors.


The FTA Athletic Development program principles are created between athletes to promote healthy self competition, build confidence, promote motivational partnerships, encourage team building, increase retention, enhance gratification and deliver greater results.  This is the FTA Difference.

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How our system encompasses analysis, education, evaluation and advancement through Individual assessments, group assessments, proper technique, sport specific athletic testing and multiple exercise progressions.  


The Functional Training Academy's Youth Development Program is such an innovative addition to any fitness training regiment. From the first day you will notice that the programs are expandable, variable, relatable, profitable and grows as you, and your athletes do.

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We train movements not muscles… training movements today to reap the results of tomorrow.

"For The Athlete in You."

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1x/Drop in TRIAL $15

1x/Week: $60.00/month

2x/Week: $99.00/month

*All FTA members receive a free FTA #Time2Grind shirt to be worn as their training uniform.