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Functional Training Academy

Fall - Winter Classes

Athletic Development - AD

Train to become the best Athlete you can be. The Real Battle Begins off the Field. AD Program is a linear progression program giving the athletes the opportunity to build muscle, become explosive, increase sprinting speeds, increase vertical and overall VO2Max. Train Hard … Play Hard. This Program is For all sports. For The Athlete in You.


After School Program - ASP

This is a Physical Literacy Program offered after school (3pm-6pm) Monday to Fridays. This program is designed to create well rounded athletes as it focuses on all the foundational movements of sports. The foundational movements are best learned as a child to create solid habits and ease of acquiring new motor skills. Throughout this program we work on fitness, running, throwing, jumping, kicking and rolling etc. we do this through low organized games, fitness sessions and sports. Everyone is an athlete if their give the platform to rise up and grab the opportunity. FTA For The Athlete in You. 


High Performance Program - HPP

This program is part of our SST- Sport Specific Training Programs and is designed for soccer players. Players will have the opportunity to get extra touches on the ball while working on their fitness, explosiveness, awareness and strength. This is a 2 hour program that is designed to help players become well rounded athletes. Expect to shoot, pass, dribble, juggle, defend and attack while working agility, explosiveness, awareness and breathing techniques. Designed for advanced players.


Explosive Ball Mastery - EBM

So you have the ball master basics down now its time to step up your strength on the ball. This program adds fitness components like resistance training to give the player an opportunity to build stabilizing muscles around their dribbling abilities and sills. Designed for Intermediate to Advanced Players.


Adult Ball Mastery - ABM

Welcome to beginner to intermediate class for adults. Lets have fun and play some soccer. This is a great opportunity for adults who always wanted to play soccer without the stress of team games while they try and wrap their minds around the sport itself or a great opportunity for a beginner team to practice and build together as a team. This class is ran at the sometime as the Youth Ball Mastery sessions giving some parents an opportunity to train while their child is training.


Vertical Max

Increase Your Vertical in this program designed for jumping. Use state of the art equipment to load muscles while adjusting your jumping, landing technique, counter jump movements and overall explosiveness. 


Speed Mechanics - SM

Learn Proper running mechanics, build explosive linear speed, learn how to increase speed in change of directions, learn and get tested on your running time and how to increase those numbers. 


Goalkeeper Development

Goalkeeper Specific Training to take you to the next level. Goalkeeper is one of the most specific positions in the Beautiful game. We will compliment your current training at your club with top notch Technical, Physical and Psychological Training. Be a Goalkeeping Machine at FTA. 


HPP - American Football

Redzone 7 Powered by FTA Brings you the first SAQ/Football Program to help football players get ready for their upcoming season or to expand their skills and fitness in season. This is a High Performance Program offered at the Functional Training Academy after School on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6pm.

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